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Kpangbala Sengbe Biography

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W Kpangbala Sengbe, Sr. is a U. S. trained psychotherapist, education specialist, and human resource development expert, who has almost forty years wealth of experience in working with people in challenging situations from across the world including the Republics of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad,

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Former Yugoslavia, and the United States of America.

Kpangbala is the president/chief executive officer of the community-based Ebenezer Community Social Services LLC, which provides multiple services to African born immigrants in Minnesota and its environment.


As the head of the management team and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ECSS, Kpangbala is responsible to plan (working with management team) and present annual programmatic activities to the board of directors for review and approval for implementation. He also serves as the secretary of the board of directors.


He is a Board-Certified Psychotherapist based in Minnesota, USA, working with individuals with various mental health challenges, including trauma related challenges, depression, grief and loss, behavioral, maladaptive, and other mental health challenges. He also works with young people diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Anxiety Disorders, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and he blends these services with providing family and eco-system therapeutic treatment for individuals that are in mental and social health situations through individual, couple, group, and family settings.


Kpangbala has dedicated his professional life and practice of almost forty years, to working with individuals, especially families, young people, and adults, in ensuring that they are provided opportunities to learn new skills in coping with and managing negative challenges (thoughts, feelings, and emotions).


He has also developed the expertise to help the client “identify the switch” in his/her/their life as treatment progresses.


Over the years, Kpangbala has specialized in working with refugees, and immigrants, especially Africans (Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, other West Africans, Somalis, etc.) from war affected countries, who are suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression. He has also continuously worked with inner city and underserved populations in the United States, including working in the school and community settings in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC, rural Montana, and Minnesota.


He has utilized macro and micro approaches in the rehabilitation of ex-combatants, particularly ex-child soldiers in conflicting countries in Africa—Liberia, Chad, Sierra Leone, etc., both on the Continent and those who have migrated into the Diaspora. 


Kpangbala has contracted for the United Nations Development Program and other UN Agencies, like UNICEF to provide direct care and systemic program developments on trauma related challenges for ex-combatants in war-torn African countries like Liberia and Chad. He has also participated as an expert presenter at African Psychological Conferences in Kenya, Uganda, and other parts of the African Continent.


Kpangbala has also held senior positions in the public space in Liberia, serving as Chief Financial Officer of Liberia's Ministry of Labor (1994-1998), National Program Manager for the rehabilitation of former combatants in the Liberian civil wars (2007-20090, and as a junior minister of health at Liberia's Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (2009-2010).


He also served as Chief of Staff & Senior Policy Advisor to Liberia's Minister of Finance from 2010 to 2012. He was also Program Manager & Senior Policy Analyst at Liberia's Governance Commission (2014-2016), where he was responsible to lead Liberian professionals to collate the Liberia Rising Vision 2030 document, after national and international consultations were held among Liberians across the globe. He also worked with Liberian p

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