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I Arrived Later, So What?

 I am also here.

The inability to foster ahead when everything that should make you to throw in the towels and settle for mediocrity has been presented to you, is the biggest weapon of failure in the lives of individuals that would have otherwise made impacts on their generations and the world at large.


In a time and place where just breathing should have been enough for the purpose of survivability, the author weaved through the challenges that were thrown at him to become a success story—a success that did not only benefit him and immediate family, but extended to his parents, one of whom pre-deceased him, his siblings and their families, a community of “nobodies,” and an entire segment of the population of this generation that believes in meritocracy.  


In this tell all Memoir, W Kpangbala Sengbe beautifully writes events of his life, ranging from ancestral history that meanders multiple regions in the West African rain forest and his embryonic stage in the journey of life in a lowly placed family in societal structural arrangements.

Not only is this masterpiece written to the glory of the God of his creation, but it also tells the natural story of a man who is hungry to tell the world about the process of making it, though been dealt a very “challenging hand” to mitigate between abject poverty, academic illiteracy, and societal misplacement of a false narrative on his ancestors.


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The main theme of the Memoir is to encourage everyone, regardless of stature and race, gender and nationality, creed and skin color, wealth and societal position, and age, that with the guidance of God and a determined mind, the world is ready and available to conquer.


Reading I Arrived Later, So What? I Am Also Here will help encourage the young man, the young woman, the middle-aged person, the educated bureaucrat, and the poverty-stricken person in the jungle of Africa, or in the inner cities of the United States to understand that sheer determination does not make the success of a person.


Blending determination with the goodwill of the God of a person’s creation can take an unknown person to reach the panicle of his/her height in life. Yes indeed, the proverbial “pull yourself by the boot strings” can be of significance when an individual has had a pair of boots to wear. However, when an induvial does not have a pair of boots, how can he/she “pull himself/herself up by the proverbial boot strings? Such is the life journey of the author, and he was able to adequately weave this in the memoir.


Let’s read and digest this masterpiece together; in this Memoir is the story that will give you a gleamer of hope as you read on….

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W Kpangbala Sengbe, Sr.

Clinical Therapist| Educator| General Consultant| Author

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About Kpangbala Sengbe, Sr.

W Kpangbala Sengbe, Sr. is a U. S. trained psychotherapist, education specialist, and human resource development expert, who has over twenty years wealth of experience in working with people in challenging situations from across the world including the Republics of Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad,

Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, the Former Yugoslavia, and the United States of America.

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